On-site implementation

  • Seshaasai offers on-site implementation for your company on your own servers
  • We will help converting raw data into GST compliant format
  • Our IT team provides customized solutions for integration of our Application with your Host systems without compromising on your security protocols.
  • We allow daily uploads of your invoices so as to avoid congestion towards the due date


  • Seshaasai offers a complete package of ASP and GSP services on its highly secured cloud server
  • Real time data and an intuitive dashboard will be provided to you along with reports
  • Our PaaS (Platform as a service) solution helps your company from installing any inhouse GST software and hardware in your own systems and servers
  • 99.95% uptime support
  • Our GST software ensures smooth flow of data including data matching and reconciliation to and from GST for your company's GST Returns filing
  • Taxpayer convenience is our main focus


  • Seshaasai's GSP solutions offers seamless integration with the GST accounting software of third party ASP's
  • Our GSP solution is a highly secured tunnel between the third party ASP and GSTN through custom API’s
  • Taxpayer
  • Data privacy is our priority